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Ann Hambly, the founding partner, has over 30 years of commercial mortgage servicing
experience, with over 15 years of that involving CMBS product. As head of servicing institutions for Prudential, Bank of America, GE Capital and Nomura, Hambly has been responsible for portfolios exceeding $40 billion. During her first three years at Prudential, the customer satisfaction score increased by 13 percent. And, due to positive customer feedback, she earned the Pinnacle at GE Capital (awarded to one percent of GE’s top performers). As a key leader in the commercial mortgage arena who has been instrumental in the development of industry standards, she was recognized as one of 25 CEOs featured in “True Leaders,” a book authored by Bette Price and George Ritcheske and published in 2001. Hambly served as 2003 chair of the Commercial Board of the Mortgage Bankers Association. She also has served on the boards of the Multifamily Housing Institute and Real Estate Capital Resources Association and Commercial Mortgage Securities Association.

Steckbauer Weinhart, LLP is a dynamic law firm that provides a full range of services to its clients. Its Servicing and Work-Out Groups are uniquely positioned to help clients formulate and implement effective and efficient resolution strategies.

With more than 30 years’ experience in commercial structured finance work-outs; our non-legal, Special Consultant, Ann Hambly, understands the business motivation and constraints (both legal and institutional) under which the client is required to perform.

Ann’s experience in resolving defaulted commercial mortgage loans enables Steckbauer Weinhart to assist clients in the evaluation of available resolution alternatives, in both the work-out and litigation arenas. Our Special Consultant can also assist with oversight of multiple-asset and multiple-jurisdictional matters (e.g., debtor relationships, tenant bankruptcies, asset sales). Her experience in the development and management of master and special servicing groups, negotiation of pooling and servicing agreements and understanding of portfolio valuations allows us to bring unique value to the table.

As defaults and work-out volume increases, Steckbauer Weinhart’s team is prepared to minimize the burden and/or exposure experienced by clients as a result of limitations in capacity and/or lack of experience in dealing with the unique constraints inherent in restructuring complex finance transactions.

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