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Financial Services & Corporate Securities

Mark A. Lindon
Mark A. Lindon
Brian S. Weinhart
Brian S. Weinhart

SW’s Financial Services & Corporate Securities practice encompasses the vast majority of the services that commercial lenders and borrowers require.  Regardless of the economic climate, SW provides a bevy of financial legal services that assist our clients achieve their financial goals.

Capital Markets

Steckbauer Weinhart, LLP’s combined expertise in capital markets and commercial real estate advisory services allows us to design successful capital formation strategies for our clients to:

  • Negotiate senior, subordinate and mezzanine finance transactions
  • Secure interim financing to reposition or stabilize a property
  • Enhance leverage by going deeper into the capital structure on a new project
  • Release “trapped equity” on an existing asset or portfolio
  • Secure the highest leverage at the lowest blended cost

Our professionals work with clients to access the appropriate capital and deliver the optimal capital structure to enhance the value of complex transactions.  We are experienced  in equity financing, mezzanine loans, high-leverage bridge loans and interim financing, pre-sale investments, sale-leaseback transactions, and a range of other structured finance transactions.

Corporate Securities & Business Organizational Structuring

With extensive experience at all levels of corporate structuring and finance, including international and cross-border transactions, SW corporate and securities practices are sophisticated and diversified, and gain further strengths from the firm’s  intellectual property and employment capabilities.  We represent issuers and underwriters, as well as firms that provide venture capital in a broad array of public and private securities transactions.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide sound legal advice consistent with practical business concerns.  Our corporate and securities lawyers have had extensive hands-on experience as investment bankers at major securities firms and as senior officers in publicly held and private companies.

Loan Modification & Workouts

Unlike most firms that specialize in representing either commercial lenders or commercial borrowers, our attorneys have been representing both for over  25 years. Our inside understanding of both securitized and portfolio held commercial mortgage loans has proven invaluable to our borrower clients, especially when negotiating the restructure of a mature or non-performing loan.  SW has successfully represented borrowers throughout the United States in re-working billions of dollars of troubled commercial mortgage loans since the onset of The Great Recession (2007).

Our lawyers’ deep knowledge of the constraints placed upon lenders institutionally and through the securitization process allows us to develop modification structures that work for borrowers and lenders.  Further, we have found that our recognition within the commercial loan industry opens many doors that other firms might not enter.  Our borrower clients have found that our boutique size allows us to achieve exceptional results at a substantially lower cost than our more bureaucratic national competitors.

SW understands that our clients’ business and administrative needs are inextricably linked to the legal services they demand.  Therefore, with the goal of complementing our suite of legal services, we have affiliated ourselves with Ann Hambly of 1st Service Solutions, Inc. to identify possible alternatives for clients experiencing challenges posed by problem loan situations.   Ms. Hambly is one of the most respected, non-lawyer, servicing experts in the nation and has been the head of servicing institutions such as Bank of America, GE Capital, Prudential and Nomura.  She brings more than 30 years of commercial mortgage loan experience to this firm.  Ms. Hambly is recognized throughout the country as one of the true pioneers of modern securitized mortgage servicing.

Structured Finance & Securitization

SW is one of the few law firms in the country with attorneys specializing in the issues pertaining to the origination of conduit and portfolio loans, as well as master and special servicers of commercial mortgage back securities.

Among the wide range of legal services related to structured financings for financial institutions and other institutional investors, we provide counsel in:

  • Mortgage loan origination
  • Purchase and sale of mortgage pools
  • Purchase and sale of servicing rights
  • Mortgage loan administration

We are also proud of our reputation as crafters of sophisticated, standardized commercial loan documentation and conduit loan programs for leading national mortgage loan originators, and as developers of practical, comprehensive servicing guides for banks and other financial institutions.

Please contact Brian Weinhart for more information on the firm’s Financial Services & Corporate Securities practice. 

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